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peticare Tierpflege für Hunde, Pferde und Katzen peticare® Animal Care For Dogs, Horses and cats


peticare® animal care products for horses, dogs and Cats is a highly effective product range for the treatment of age-old animal ailments, such as skin infections, eczema and thrush, as well as general care products to promote healthy skin and silky shine to the coat.

The effectiveness of our products is due to the peticare® Release System (PRS) which is a highly innovative, new molecular technological care system that builds upon over a decade of research and development into the use of nano technology to promote optimum animal health care.

Our products are sold through the following outlets:

1. Peticare Online Shop - All onlines sales are exclusively sold through our online shop
2. Veterinarians
3. Specialized animal care retail shops

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peticare Tierpflege für Hunde, Pferde und Katzen The peticare® quality guarantee:

The peticare® product range production undergoes a high standard quality control to ensure the highest possible quality of our product range. All product are ideally stored under optimum conditions.


peticare Tierpflege für Hunde, Pferde und Katzen How the Peticare® Release System (PRS) works:

All active ingredients in the peticare animal care products are technologically embedded into a nano scale structure. More specifically, this means that the active ingredients are embedded into a small matrix of approximately 0.000070 mm to 0.000200 mm.

This means that the benefits of each of the active ingredients are embedded in such a way that a maximum synergy effect - as well as maximum antimicrobial and antibacterial effect - can occur.

Long term depot effect - the key to long lastig, highly effective treatment

The Peticare animal care product range largely owes its effectivenss to the long term depot effect which is only possible through the matrix system. The matrix system makes it possible to release the active ingredients slowly and steadily over a period of up to 24 hours.

This method promotes optimum disinfectin and healing.

The PRS system is what makes Peticare® animal care range more effective in comparison with other products.



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